Tarot Readings

I am an intuitive tarot reader.  

My interest in spirituality has been lifelong.  It has assisted me to manifest my spiritual gifts and has evolved into a deep connection with the angels and tarot. During a reading I interpret the cards intuitively and  with knowledge from my years of counselling. 

I can offer general readings and readings related to personal issues, relationships, career, family or home.

    My readings are for your enjoyment and guidance.  I hope our journey together during the reading will raise your awareness about your present situation and directions for the future.

I look forward to connecting with you.


30 minute reading - £20

In-depth email reading  - £30 - I aim to come back to you within 72 hours

Payment methods : PayPal / Card


Please contact me directly via email and provide me with your contact details so that we can arrange a day and a time for a reading:

Readings by phone, Skype, Messenger or Zoom


I loved my Angel Tarot reading!  Information was spot on and delivered with great compassion, empathy and love.  Very spiritual Tarot, for sure!  CR


I have had a few readings with Anne and she has demonstrated her skill and knowledge when interpreting the Tarot cards. She communicates her findings in a very friendly style and I would happily recommend her.  JH

Anne has a friendly and honest approach to readings. I would recommend Anne because she was honest and interpretations were explained in understandable ways. Anne is very intuitive and works closely with her higher self. I was very impressed with Anne's approach to the Tarot reading as it was done with ease and was very accurate. Thank you Anne it was a pleasure to receive.  LH

Anne's tarot reading was very insightful - her approach was very grounded, empathic and reassuring.  I would highly recommend to anyone considering a reading.  SL

 I have enjoyed readings with Anne and have come away feeling positive and empowered to move forward with problem issues with confidence.

Her lovely gentle manner is so open and welcoming and she tackles  thorny issues with real tact and sensitivity. I would highly recommend a reading with her!  MH

Anne has a special gift for Tarot she is very sensitive and intuitive. Anne’s explanations of the meanings of the chosen cards is delightful and her descriptions  of the qualities of the Archangels and how they have relevance to your life are inspiring. My reading felt very accurate and relevant. WS